Our rules are set in place in order to keep Fox Den safe and enjoyable community for people of all ages. We ask that you respect and follow all of these rules to the best of your ability, and please ask us if you have any questions. Some rules are more flexible than others and truly depend on the situation. Please note that playing any type of harmful media (ear-rape, gore, porn, etc) will result in a permanent ban without warning.

Use Common Sense.

No disrespect, complaining, etc. Staff decisions are final. No dispute unless appealed using this form. Respect other music tastes, opinions, etc. If you see something you don't like, please don't be rude about it. We really try our best

Do NOT take Fox Den code.

We worked very hard on all aspects of Fox Den. Foxifly owns all files, images, code, etc. Taking anything without permission is not tolerated.

Do not abuse glitches.

Not everything is perfect. Please don't exploit any commands. This includes NSFW topics in !gif, etc. You are also not permitted to use alternate accounts to bypass our punishment system.

Do not spam chat.

This includes Fox Bot Commands. We know that sometimes you want to have fun, just try your best to keep chat neat and clean.

Language Policy

We know that is for everyone around the world; but, we ask that the chat be kept to mostly English. If you need to communicate for help in another language, you may ask permission. Short topics are fine in other languages.

Song Genre

All songs played must be Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Song Length

Song length needs to be 10 Minutes or less. Songs exceeding this length get skipped automatically.

Prohibited Genres

Nightcore, Nightstep, AMV, Bass Boosted, and Gun Sync are not allowed.

Song/Video Content

No NSFW content, songs in DJ History, AMV (Anime Music Videos), very low quality videos, earrape, troll songs, etc.

Mixes vs. Mashups

Mashups are allowed in Fox Den; however, mixes are not. To clarify, a mix is a composition that has one track after another track for 2+ songs. A mashup mixes 2 or more songs together to generate just one song. Mixes are only allowed during events.

Scripts and Bots

You are allowed to use wooting scripts such as RCS and P3; however, you are not permitted to run your own chat bots in Fox Den. This rule is in place to prevent confusion and non-approved content.

Do not promote other communities.

We're certain your room is nice and all, but we would like to keep our users, not direct them elsewhere. Also, posting referral links is prohibited.

Do not beg for anything.

Do not ask to be promoted to staff, do not ask for plug points, experience points, or anything else related. You can easily earn these things yourself.

Do not flame, threaten, or insult users.

Posting words, images or links that could cause emotional or physical harm, can and will result in extreme punishment. This even includes posting intentional seizure inducing gifs, gore, etc.

No NSFW, racist, malicious content.

Links containing pornographic content, advertisements, racist content, malware, IP grabbers, and other malicious content are prohibited. No warning will be given.

Logo Usage Policy

Our logo is private and you are not permitted to use the logo without written permission. No one is authorized to use our Fox Den logo (or any color variation) for anything including icons, avatars, profile images, etc. We own all rights.

There's nothing like our Fox Den.

A Community For Everyone

Fox Den is a community built for people of all ages; therefore, we have zero tolerance for any NSFW content. Additionally, has a NSFW policy in place. If a community repeatedly allows NSFW content, will mark them as a 'NSFW community' and hide them from the Dashboard. We would like Fox Den to be seen by all users; therefore, we need to take caution when a song with a risky visual plays. Most of the time you are free to play the song itself, and likely just need a new visualizer.

An Unbelieveable Team

Staff roles are given to users who are active, helpful, and have submitted an application here. We promote staff on as needed basis; however, at this current time we do not have any room for additional staff members. Producer roles are given to music producers who create their own music; the application is found here. We take pride in our amazingly active and friendly staff, always willing to lend a hand and help out.