Fox Bot

FoxBot was created from scratch and is continuously modified with new features. You are NOT permitted to use any of Foxbot's code for your own use. Violators will be contacted and asked to remove their code. Please don't ask for code snippets. Foxbot is NOT open source code and was designed, created, and is modified by Foxifly.

Custom Node.js commands created just for the Fox Den community to enjoy and use.

Fun chat commands for people of all ages to enjoy with new commands being added often.

Several chat commands are integrated with external APIs like Giphy, Urban Dictionary, and more.

Built-in moderation commands to boost staff productivity and response time.

New features and updates are constantly being added based on demand.

Built-in protection against command spam using custom and changeable cooldown presets.

Never lose your waitlist position with the built-in disconnect command to put you back to where you were.

Many events and messages on timers for added enjoyment, promotion, and productivity.

Built-in permission system to ensure commands don't end up in the wrong hands.

Most features are toggleable and changeable to fit the room volume of the day.

External database storage for logging messages, songs, and more so nothing gets lost or unnoticed.

Hosted on an external server to ensure maximum and optimized uptime.

Fox Den's best Friend

Our Moderation Made Easy

FoxBot is equipped with moderation commands that assists our staff members. It allows them to be able to perform their duties with ease. Additionally, the bot has some fun chat commands that help the room have fun. Remember not to spam these commands. We do our best, though, to make sure our bot does not spam. We hope you are just as excited to use its commands as we are!

Our Foxful Eye

In order to keep track of Fox Den, we have designed a separate bot (Foxful Eye) to keep an eye on events, chat messages, and song votes. You may be wondering why we have decided to design two seperate bots; put simply, we just want to keep everything organized. Foxful Eye is planned to have more Discord integration all coming soon!